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Voice Panel is a Voice Assistant for Home Assistant ( powered by the Snips Voice Platform ( Snips provides a private, powerful, and customizable voice assistant technology that processes all language input on the device, nothing is ever sent to the cloud.

Voice Panel uses Snips to act as a voice interface for Home Assistant. At this time, you can control your alarm system, lights, windows, blinds, switches, check status, get the date/time, and retrieve the weather information. You initiate a conversation with Voice Panel by using speaking wake-word, “Hey, Snips”. Alternatively, you can use face detection to initiate a conversation simply by looking at the device.

Currently the application has a few limitations. The Snips Android SDK does not work as a satellite, all messages must be forwarded to Home Assistant using MQTT and speech is processed on the Android device using TTS. The Snips Android SDK does not support custom wake-words at this time. To initiate a conversation, you must say “Hey, Snips” or you can try the face detection wake-word feature which starts listening when the camera recognizes a face.

* Face activated wake-word (no need to say "Hey, Snips").

* Control Home Assistant components using voice commands ("Turn on the kitchen lights").

* Stream video, detect motion, detect faces, and read QR Codes.

* Support for MQTT Alarm Panel Control to control your alarm system.

* MQTT commands to remotely control the application (speak text, play audio, send notifications, alerts, etc.).

* Device sensor data reporting over MQTT (temperature, light, pressure, battery, etc.).

* MQTT Day/Night mode based on the sun value reported from Home Assistant.

* MQTT weather data to display weather reported from Home Assistant.

For the complete setup instructions and additional information, please visit the


This is an early release, please report any issues using the project issues tracker located at


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